Saturday, 11 June 2011


Another thing to do if you're bored is to make a fort. A fort can be made inside or outside, depending on the weather or your mood. Both are loads of fun, especially if you can make one big enough to stand in! Anyway, if you wanna make one indoors, build around a couch or bunk bed and add to the size with chairs. Grab a whole bunch of blankets and drape them where you want, and then you can fill the floor of the fort with pillows.

If you want to build a fort in your backyard or even at the nearby park, you can build around a tree or even just out in the open. Use sticks and arrange them any way you prefer, usually done like a teepee. You can even use leaves found on the floor to provide more shelter or softer flooring. Of course, it's harder to make a big fort outside than inside. I'm not saying that inside is better. It's just harder. Both are just as fun.

It's especially fun to build one with friends, siblings, children (a perfect babysitting activity), or parents, even. Hide in your fort for Nerf gun battles, hide and go seek, or just for sitting and doing whatever else you do to get rid of the boredom you have once you're done building the fort. Enjoy!

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